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Dear Colleagues

A warm welcome to your own part of the confederation website!  This section is for any adult who works with children and young people in our confederation schools and settings - staff and governors.  Here we hope to be able to share information about important events or occasions, pass on other information and enable you to network with your wider Confederation colleagues.

Our Mission: Achieving More Together

Within our 16 schools and 3 Children's Centres we will be looking to provide joint training and development opportunities, cross confederation working/consultation for key groups such as SENCOs, Numeracy and Literacy Co-ordinators, Assessment Leaders, Sports Co-ordinators, HSLWs and Governors.  We are always looking for other ways in which we can achieve more together too. 

If you have any suggestions about what we might include, please contact me at Busbridge Infants,

Tel: 01483 417 898 or email: [email protected]

Katherine Smith

Chair, Godalming Confederation of Schools



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News & Events

Parenting Puzzle Parent Support Groups Parenting_Puzzle%5b1%5d

The Parenting Puzzle, a 10 week course for parents & carers,  has been running very successfully. We will be running more courses in the future.  For more information or if you think you might be interested, have a word with your Home School Link Worker (HSLW) - you can contact them through your school office - or keep an eye on the Confederation website for details.

Confederation Services

Childcare and/or A Safe Place To Be:  Two of the three Children’s Centres and some schools offer childcare facilities on their premises; other childcare facilities are available locally (there is a list on the Confederation website).  The two secondary schools offer a wide range of after school sport and other activities. Take a look at their websites.

A varied menu of Activities:  All schools have widened the range of clubs and activities available before, within and after school.  In some, pupils have set up and now run their own clubs. Music, sports, arts & crafts, dance, drama, language and volunteering are the main examples of activities taking place.

Parenting Support is provided mainly by the Home School Link Workerss (HSLW) and Children's Centre Outreach Workers in a huge range of examples and circumstances.  HSLWs see pupils,  parents and carers at school, make individual home visits , run groups and courses and work with the County’s other services and with the voluntary sector as needed. The Children’s Centre Outreach workers work similarly with families of  the under 5s, backed up by more in-depth provision at their centre.

Swift & Easy Access/referral to a wide range of specialist services has been helped by the HSLWs,  who work closely with the Primary Care Trusts, CAMHS, Social Services, behaviour support services, speech & language services and others to help provide what some children and young people desperately need. The Children’s Centre Outreach Workers work similarly with families of the under 5s, again backed up by provision at their Centre.

Wider Community Access is being provided by schools and Children’s Centres where they can e.g. opportunities for using computers with associated ICT training & support, using grounds & facilities, particularly for sport & recreation and opening up other adult education opportunities such as maths and literacy.


The Confederation appointed 3 HSLWs, to work with families and children where needed, in our schools.


  SARAH DUTTON is working with The

  Chandler, Milford Infant and Witley Infant


KAREN SUTTON is working with

Godalming Junior, Farncombe Infant, Moss Lane

and St Mary’s Infant School, Shackleford


 RACHEL JONES is working with Broadwater School.




In total, there are now 7 HSLWs working across the 16 confederation schools and 3 Children’s Centres:  Dani Cole (our lead HSLW) and Debbie Loveland at Loseley Fields, Kim Hughes at Green Oak, Sue Hanna at St Edmunds and Sue Briggs at Rodborough.


Our HSLWs will help parents coping with challenging children, giving individual parenting guidance and support, with advice on how to develop and maintain positive discipline.  They will listen and offer support on problems and issues using counselling skills and give the child with difficulties a forum to talk about concerns in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. They will help families/the child/the school access grants and information.  They will make home visits to support families and children.

HSLWs are an important part of our drive for swift and easy access to specialist help in Godalming, both to bridge any gaps between schools and parents/carers and to ensure that any support works in a truly joined up way across our families.                  


Staff & Governor Newsletters

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Useful Links For Governors

www.governornet.co.uk    The national website for school governors

www.surreygovernorsassociation.org.uk   Surrey's website for school governors

www.northbourne.org.uk   in October 2006 NAG (Northbourne Action Group) was formed, with a committee of 5 residents from the Northbourne estate, Godalming.  Over the next 2 years NAG grew and moved from strength to strength, reducing antisocial behaviour on the estate by a massive 30% and crime to almost zero.

There are now 12 NAGs, mums and dads who give their free time to provide events and activities for the children and the community on the estate.  NAGs has won 4 Awards so far and are proud to say that the community spirit and the general appearance of the estate has improved dramatically.

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